The Broom Cupboard

Ask anyone over the age of 25 what they think of children's television these days and nine times out of 10 they'll tell you it's inane rubbish.

The main reason? Those presenters. Bloody idiots in day glow T-shirts patronising the hell out of the kids.

Now, Childrens BBC and the broom cupboard was excellent, mainly due to the hugely ramshackle way it was presented.

Started in about 85, the most hi-tech aspect of the whole output was the title sequence. A five second animation produced on a BBC Micro which interestingly was fed live directly from the Acorn machine every day. Brilliant.

The show consisted entirely of Schofield, in his own clothes, chatting to a fixed camera on the wall, helped along with Gordon the Gofer. Shrewdly, Philip actually retained the commercial rights to Gordon the Gofer. Nice.

Ahhhh the 80s. Super Ted, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Ulysses 31. All gold.

I seem to remember every now and then Schofields Producer would appear just on screen, except youd only just see an arm, or a shoulder. Hmmm.

Schofield was eventually replaced with Andy Crane. Some gangly dude with a stupid haircut and a gay duck called Ed.

After this, you had Andy Peters (quite funny). Philipa Forrester (Yum) and so on. It pretty much went down hill after that. Anyway that was into the 90s so we donĂ¢€™t care about that here!

Amazingly, there is a website dedicated to this show, so for more (if you really need it) go here:


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Stefan said...

Good job! :)

Caroline said...

Miss the broom cupboard? Want to receive a birthday shout-out and see many colours crammed into a tiny space? Most Wednesdays will sort you out.

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Tv for children is always rubbish there is no doubt about it!

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