Courtesy of Simon , today we have a guest post about this wonderful system from the 80's. Gotta say it tickled some memories for me... I had totally forgotten about this!!

Be sure to check out Simons Blog as it's a damn funny read!


What 80's themed blog could not have an article about this piece of Japanese wizardry!

Released in 1985 it was the HOT HOT product for the christmas season.

This was fun in a box! It even came with a game cartridge to get you started. Actually it was a cartridge with two games in it Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt.

With Duck Hunt you got to use the Zapper gun, also included with the basic system.

While Duck Hunt was fun, I think that most people got hooked on the other game Super Mario. For most consumers this was the first In Home video game that they owned.

I bought one for the kids in 85, and over the christmas break I played it day in day out for aa week! By the time New Years rolled around my thumbs were paralysed from using the controller.

By the way, NES systems are alive and well and still available on E-Bay. My wife had been talking about how much she enjoyed playing Super Mario so last christmas I got her a complete system and 11 games, after postage etc it cost under $50 canadian.

And she kicks my butt at it every time we play!


Thanks to Simon for his wonderful piece about this system. I totally remember the gun you got with this system... as far as I am concerned it was, and still is the most advanced piece of technology available. Still no idea how it works!

Cheers Simon. You can check out his blog here It cracks me up!


Jen said...

My sister loved playing Super Nintendo! She kicked ass at Super Mario brothers!
I was pretty good at Duck Hunt.

CT said...

but thats not a super nintendo... SNES is the version after NES...

Life in the 80's said...

Shit man you're right. Oops wrong title!! Should've titled it NES!!!

zzsimonb said...

It doesn't matter what you call it, she still beats my ass when we play it!

iamthewalrus said...

Hi I've always really missed the New Wave music and many other things about the 80s.

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Thanks a lot Simopn!

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I love vintage games so much! super mario is my favorite one! there's no doubt about it!

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