Days of Thunder

Basically, Top Gun with Cars. Strictly speaking, it shouldnt even be here anyway because I think it came out in 1990, but I loved the damn film so what the hell!

"There's nothing stock about a stock car" Robert Duvall, wise old dude who builds stock cars, and talks to them, too

Cars. Cars cars cars cars. Vroom! Vroom vroom vroom! Crash! Tom and Nicole have sex! Cars cars vroom vroom! Crash! Vroom!

There. Youve just seen Days of Thunder. Or, if thats not enough for you, think about Top Gun, and substitute stock cars for fighter jets and there you go.

"Theres nothing I can't do with a race car!" -- Tom Cruise, who races stock cars despite the fact he's from California

Cole Trickle has not one but two tragic secrets that keep him from trusting anyone or becoming the sleek, winning driver his raw talent suggests he could be.

Will he wisen up enough to learn to trust Harry, who built the car he races in NASCAR events for Tim Daland ? Will he succeed in his quest to play doctor with neurosurgeon Dr. Claire , who thinks hes insane? Will Claire stay for the big race? The suspense is not only not killing me, it's practically nonexistent.

"We end up looking like a monkey fucking a football out there!" Randy Quaid, stock-car owner, rants after a bad showing, and no one asks him how he knows what that would look like.
Bring on the racing!

I know the racing is nothing but good natured dick measuring between Cole and Rowdy, wholl race whatever wheeled vehicles they can find, even if they have to use wheelchairs. But why do those bits need to be interrupted by the entirely ridiculous, entirely gratuitous, and entirely inevitable romantic interlude? Its not like the guys in the audience even get treated to Nicole's boobs or anything. Its all demure, under the sheets stuff here. Wasted good racing time there.

Best line of the Film? "Im going build you a race car, going give you a new paint job, new fuel lines, and shape her like a bullet!"

The film was complete crap, and I loved every minute of it!


Bloggers Home Page said...

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Anonymous said...

either it's 80's or it's not! you are in danger of damaging you reputation as king of all thing 80's, next it will be Knight Rider 2000... when will this madness end I ask you.

Laters Bro.

CT said...

tom cruise is a tool!!! lol

Smartcookie Jim said...

is it the 80's until 1991? i remember a load of people telling me the millennium was not until 2001

Anonymous said...

Technically you're right, the new 1990 is simply the 10th year of the decade, but in reality I think 80 - 89 is accepted as 80's. To be fair even if Says of Thunder had been released 1992 it would still have been in the blog as it's awesome!
Life in the '80s.

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