The A-Team

Ten years ago, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as Soldiers of Fortune. If no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team.

The best programme, not just of the 80s, but of all time. Absolutely brilliant. I actually still own most of them on DVD, and they are still just as good, and just as entertaining as they always were. Great Van, and a cool corvette. Brilliant.
Face Man, BA Baracus, Hannibal Smith & Howlin Mad Murdoch. A typical episode starts with the A-Team being hired by a down-trodden or terrorized client. The 'official' way of doing this was for the client to contact one of Hannibal's many comic aliases that were used to ensure that their clients were not working for the military. Basically, Hannibal with a fake beard.
Then, there would be an explosion or crash causing a vehicle driven by the antagonists to barrel roll onto its roof. EVERY episode. The US military turns up, then the A Team have to break Murdock out of hospital, and convince B.A. to get on a plane.

The bad guys would then lay siege to the A-Team, who would, without fail, find themselves trapped in a barn/garage/warehouse etc. containing sets of mechanical tools, an engine of some sort. and other materials which they would use to build a contraption to finally escape and (non-lethally of course) subdue their enemy. My favorite was the cabbage firing Tank.

During these scenes the A-Team tune would play to let the viewers know that the A-Team was soon to be victorious once again. When fighting their way to freedom, no-one would ever be killed or even seriously injured.

Ever wondered what the crime they didnt commit was? Well, during Nam, The A-Team's CO, gave them orders to rob the Bank of Hanoi to help bring the war to an end. They succeeded in their mission, but on returning to their base four days after the end of the war, they found their C.O. murdered by the VC and his headquarters burnt to the ground. Therefore no proof existed that the A-Team were acting under orders, and they were sent to prison by a military court.

One interesting thing I have noticed, is that every characther has been afflicted by something in real life thats directly related to the character they played:

Hannible; Smoked lots of Cigars, sadly died of lung cancer
BA Baracus: Contracted Metal Poisoning from his chains
Murdoch: Was actually declared mentally unstable
Face: Nothing yet, but all we need is for him to contract an STD and we have come full circle!

Ahhhh, the A-Team


Jen said...

LMFAO! As a gag gift one year, me and my sister got my dad a MR.T doll for Christmas when we were kids. It had a button in the back that when you pressed it Mr. T would say, "I pity the fool". He loved it even though he really wanted GI JOE with the king fu grip instead...LOL..JK. I laughed so hard when he opened that gift, I waws in tears! That show was the bombdiggity!

Le Fleur said...

Love your site. Brings back great memories

Anonymous said...

I love this and I love you ALASTAIR!!!! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the great memories available for us and our future generations.

Anonymous said...

No problem Scott. you see I had a plan for an 80's site, then that plan came together, and I loved it.

Life in the 80's

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