Danger Mouse

The world is in constant peril, and our only hope is a small mouse with one eye, who's best friend is a small hamsted, and they live in a post box in the middle of Mayfair.

Hmmm. Still, this didnt seem to bother anyone, as Dangermouse was one of the funniest cartoons of the 80s.

The voice of Dangermouse was narrated by David Jason, of Only Fools and Horses fame! Honestly, this cartoon was so full of humour, it really used to make me laugh. In fact it still does!!

It was a blatant parody of all British Spy fiction, including James Bond. It was also the first British cartoon that broke into the American TV Market, and was aired on Nickelodeon in the 1980s. It was tremendously popular.

Some of the Characters:
-Colonel K
-Agent 57
-Baron Greenback
-Stiletto Mafiosa (The Crow)

An interesting fact, is that in the UK the crow had an Italian accent, and was changed in the US over fears it would offend Italian American people. So in the USA he had a cockney accent. Also, they dubbed out his surname so he was just called Stiletto. Weird!

The song:

-He's The Best
-He's The Greatest
-He's The Greatest Secret Agent In The World!
-He's The Ace - He's Amazing...
-He's the Strongest... He's The Quickest.... He's The Best!

Possibly one of the funniest cartoons of the 80s with loads of surreal jokes. Also, his car was so cool it made my eyes bleed when I looked at it.

Ahhh good times!


Ricardo said...

Well now I feel deceived!! I thought Stiletto was a rough and tumble London East Ender or something of that nature. The voice over was very good as I didn't notice and it was still classic in it's own way. Did he call the Barron "Baroni" or was that a US add on. I doubt people here would have been offended.

Anonymous said...

DANGERMOUSE was and still is the best secret agent to be employed by the British Secret Service.
And COUNT DUCKULA the greatest vampire that ever flew! Both from the same studio and made on a shoestring!
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Watch "The God Blesser" on youtube for a strange modern day retro tribute.

Anonymous said...

What happened to his eye? Well, for a nostalgic blast from Mcdonald's past watch "The McShanghai Prophecy" on YouTube.

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