Remote Control Cars

Excellent Toys. Most people had, or knew some that had a Tamiya Grasshopper.

I had a Tamiya Hotshot, my brother had the Vanessas Lunchbox, and I think the Optima Mid. Brilliant. I think they were all 1/10th scale.

Used to go to some control car club as a kids and race them. We must have been about 10 years old, and there was a strange dude always there that took it really seriously. Honestly this dude must have been about 40 years old. Very odd.

The annoying part was building them, as they took quite a while, but was worth it in the end, as you could then modify them, and fix them when they went wrong, which they continually did! You could upgrade everything, batteries, engines suspension etc.

In the race, I would always tune mine to be the absolute quickest, streaking ahead of everybody, to then stop dead as I ran out of batteries after 37 seconds. Never could get it quite right!

The crème de la crème of the control car world in the 80s was the Midnight Pumpkin. Some obscene Monster Truck with 2 engines. Everyone knew someones friends brothers mates dads uncles sons cousin who had one, but mysteriously no one ever saw one in real life. Probably didnt even exist.

My brother has not changed, and still builds and modifies cars to race, however they are now real. In fact, you can be the proud owner of a freshly built Porsche Race Car.

Check it out here


Anonymous said...

This is your brother here... Get your facts right! You can expect to be the authority on all things 80's which tosh like this.

(please read the following in a superior nasel voice)... the vanessa lunch box was 1/12 scale, the midnight pumpkin was exactly the same as the lunch box, the one you are think of with two engines was the Clod Buster!

I do remember that odd guy at the RC club, he did take it rather seriously being a grown up, he really did take pleasure from beating little kids.
I think stopping playing with RC cars after watching him and seeing how things might turn out, just didn't want to take that risk!

Now a days he would be put on some register or something!


Life in the 80's said...

I stand corrected. It was the Clod Buster!

RC directory said...

The latest RC models are 100% made from plastic and if you want to modify it is possible to brake them off....The real, sad truth

Anyway the monster trucks are more "tough" I think this article will be helpful to those who want to tune their:

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The Tamiya cars bring back memories from my childhood. Playing with these toy cars has been my favorite part time back then.

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Anonymous said...

Tamiya wild one was my first rc brings back memories, my dad brought it from a friend at work who raced and had all the good bits, my son is now the age I was then and tamiya have re released wild one

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