80's Computers

Now, I know I have already posted about the Spectrum and BBC Micro, but 80s computers were the greatest, and there is so much more to say!

Before the Xbox, before the PS2, the N64, the Snes, The Mega CD, the Megadrive. etc. there were 80s Computers.

The joy of those computers was something else. They were so user friendly. So much fun… they just don’t make em like they used to! Sure, the graphics were nothing compared to what we have now but I loved them. Spending 12 hours to load the damn thing from a cassette. Brilliant!

Dont know about the US, but here in the UK when we had the Megadrive, you could get the American one, or the Jap one, and the game cartridges were a slightly different shape, so yo ucouldnt put Jap games in the US machine. The one to have was the Jap one as that fitted all the games!

Another computer craze I loved in the 80s were the small hand held ones you used to get. Hours and hours spent playing Donkey Kong. (I had one of the futuristic dual screen Donkey Kongs. Great!) The other small hand held I had was Snoopy Tennis. Ahhhh those were the days!

The handheld thing is still going strong with the PSP. Still, I dont think they are as good as the Game Gear, or Atari Lynx though. The Lynx was so far ahead of it's time. The most advanced computer of the day though had to be the Neo Geo. The same games went in the console or the colour handheld. Always wanted one of those but they were really pricey, and never really caught on anyway. Shame. They were good.

Had a look around and found some cool emulators so we can all play like it still 1985!

Well, that’s my day sorted then. No work for me today! Hehe.

Click below to play games such as Boulder Dash, Chase HQ, Paperboy, Harrier Command and more.

Yes. Were back in the 80s!!!!

ZX Spectrum Emulator

Master System Emulator


They call me Natalie said...

I still rock the commodor 64. Hell yes. (actually, I'd pull all of my hair out if I did)

Travel Italy said...

Space Invaders!!!!!

zzsimonb said...

What a great subject! I work for a non-profit and one of the things we do is refurbish donated computers. We get the strangest stuff donated to us. I have actually started a little collection. To date it includes:
Vic 20
Comadore 64
Kaypro 10
TRS 80
and several assorted handheld computers.

I love the old stuff and have spent many happy hours playing on them.

BTW thanks kindly for the link, I will make a point of receprocating, you have a great blog full of great stuff!

Keep up the good work.


Life in the 80's said...

haha brilliant collection of names there. I am going to by a bbc micro from ebay. I used to bloody love my BBC Micro with REM chip.

Think they were a uniqulry British computer, made by Acorn. (they also made the Electron)

Jen said...

Hahaha...we had a Commodore 64 computer and Atari in the house when I was growing up. My sister and I used to fight over who was gonna play on it next! And Paperboy? I loved that game, but I mostly kicked ass at Ms. Pac-man!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I had that Donkey Kong game too. I played it on my birthday so much that I used the batteries up that day.

I soooo wanted snoopy tennis, but my parents wouldn't get me it. Boo hiss!

Anonymous said...

I had a ZX Spectrum 48k - brilliant. Commando, Exploding Fist, Scuba Dive, Bruce Lee - we could go on and on. My mate had a BBC Model B. We played Elite on it for about three years solid. Did anyone ever go on an Amstrad CPC - they weren't bad either. Good times eh? old school micro action is where it's all at!

Anonymous said...

I had that EXACT Donkey Kong. I played it for hours on end, too. Did it have watch batteries? I seem to remember watch batteries.

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