Basically some poor James Bond/Knight Rider affair, except this dude could morph himslef into any anumal. Great programme with a great title, "Manimal".

Glen Larson's crime-fighting shape-shifter was a man who could turn into ANY animal. Any animal at all. As long as that animal is a panther.

OK Ill admit if he can do a hawk too if he can be bothered, but usually after the bubbling hand bit, we always ended up seeing the panther.

Its not so much that special effects technology didn't exist in 1983, it's just that network TV could not afford them.

Production costs were high and pretty much all of it was ear marked for all that Manimalization, so low ratings meant they only made about 4 episodes or something.

They replayed them on Bravo not long ago. Watched them all and they reallly did make me laugh. Very funny, and very poor all at the same time. The funniest thing that I've noticed, is that Simon McCorkindale (the titular Manimal) is now the lead doctor in Casualty.

I thought it was great, we were promised a man who can be any animal, but this actually turned into the reality of a guy being swapped out for the same piece of stock panther transformation footage week after week.

Still, I loved it, and theyre supposed to be making a film of it. Brilliant.

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Anonymous said...

I think it was in the first episode he turned into a cat and stuck his head down a womans blouse!! You wouldn't get that in today's T.V.

Anonymous said...

They should make the first manimal movie and sequels.

Anonymous said...

They really should go back to using a lot of Bladder Makeup Effects and other different Special Makeup Effects how the way movie directors used to do back in the 1980's and the beginning 1990's.

Edward said...

I hope they can make many, many "manimal" movies soon. And I really think they should upgrade the makeup fx by adding twice as many more makeup air-bladders effects and puppetry effects.

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