Weird Science

Very good film and I have very fond memories of watching it, sitting in my stone washed jeans with Le Cost or Le Shark T-shirt, my LA Gear trainers twiddling my Yo Yo. (!)

The basic plot: Two super-nerd, Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith), unable to find girls on their own, hack into a US Government mainframe and use government technology to create a computer simulation of the perfect woman in order to place her in real life sexual situations and see how she reacts.

Mysteriously, the result is Lisa (Kelly LeBrock), a real-life woman and sexed-up but deeply caring 80s babe with Einsteins IQ, David Lee Roths attitude and inexplicable sci-fi powers. Absolutely gorgeous, then and now!

Self aware from the moment of her creation, Lisa sets about revealing their inner coolness, transforming Gary and Wyatt from nerds into men through a series of wacky and bizarre adventures, which include summoning the cast of The Road Warrior to crash a party at Wyatt' house, turning Wyatts abusive brother Chet (Bill Paxton) into a gigantic, disgusting toad, and summoning a full size nuclear missile to the middle of the house.

Brilliant film all in all, with a great part at the end with the car chase involving the Porsche and the Ferrari. Pure 80s! Anthony Michael Hall was also Rusty in national Lampoons He’s gonna bone her. He’s not going to bone her Rusty (hehe)


They call me Natalie said...

I love it! But, what about Bill Paxton's brilliant role as the ever so kind older brother? HMM?

Life in the 80's said...

haha. Yes 'Chet' was absolutley great in the film. Whenever I see him in anything I always think of him as Chet! Ps I like your blog by the way. Looking forward to reading it!!

They call me Natalie said...

Hope you don't mind, I linked your blog as one to read in my links.

Life in the 80's said...

No worries. Have done the same for you!

CT said...

"he don't even have a licence LISA!!!!" LMFAO awesome movie bro!!!

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