80s Christmas Films

Hi - Im back. Sorry - been busy! Anyway - heres a list of my favorite Christmas 80s Films:

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
Chevy Chase is an absolute hero. Any film with him in it is excellent. Griswald at his best

Trading Places
This film first got me interested in boobs

Die Hard
Its a christmas film, I promise you

Lethal Weapon
Again, trust me its a christmas film.

Santa Claus The Movie

Blackadders Christmas Carol
Edmond at his best. Pure British Comedy

A Christmas Vacation
I love Chevy Chase

Still on the lookout for guest articles. Despite many promises, nothing forthcoming (Phil and Andy pull your finger out!)


zzsimonb said...

It's about time you posted a story!

I was getting worried that you had found a real life! hahaha

Have a great new years

Jan and Simon

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