Silly Putty

Bounce it, stretch it, smash it, shape it, snap it, mould it, and store it in an egg.

Strange toy, but an instant hit. It was actually invented by mistake. See here for the history about it!

Really odd toy, but so much fun as a kid in the 80s. Oddly flesh coloured, it came in a plastic egg. You could pull it about, bounce it, you could even make 'fart' noises with it. Superb. But if you hit it with a hammer, it would shatter. Remember all of that?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got loads of it, I mean bloody loads, made a huge ball, and dropped it off a building? I have.

Bet that would be pretty cool. Did you know you can still order this stuff by the pound? I didn’t, but someone else did.

They got hold of 50 pounds of this crap and decided to find out what would happen if it was thrown from a building. Click here to see what happened.

Brilliant. I wish I still had some.


goober said...

i love silly putty. if u put it on the words of a news paper the word will be on the silly putty lol and also thanks for your coment on goobers place

Life in the 80's said...

haha I will have to give that a try. That's assuming they still sell the stuff!!

goober said...

they do still silly putty if you have walmarts where u live thats where i seen it most

Life in the 80's said...

brilliant. i wanna get some!!

Anonymous said...

Get putty at - very recommended!

kerajinan jati said...

I couldn't resist commenting. Exceptionally well written

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