Button Moon

If were honest, the 80s were completely mental as far as kids TV was concerned. Looking back on it now is a very strange experience!

I swear the 80s was just one big experiment by the government to test the impact of severe surrealism on young children.

If you never watched Button Moon as a kid, then youve no idea what I am talking about.

Button moon was a purely British thing (I canĂ¢€™t honestly imagine it was shown anywhere else) and it was on Thames television (you must remember the logo!) The Spoon family consisted of Mr. Spoon, Mrs. Spoon, and Tina.

Each episode would basically consist of zooming off on their rocket, into Blanket Sky, and go to Button Moon.

There they have some surreal experience with a giant tea chest or something and just before returning home, they have a look through their telescope to see what else is happening, such as the Hare and the Tortoise, before heading back to their home planet Junk Planet

Watching Button Moon now would be bloody hilarious. The subtle humour it has is right up there with Pingu.


The song:

Were off to Button Moon, well follow Mr. Spoon,
Button Moon, Button Moon.
Weve been to Button Moon, weve followed Mr. Spoon,
Button Moon, Button Moon. We've been to Button Moon,
Button Moon (be back soon) Button Moon


CT said...

you should post about swatches!!! dude I used to wear 3... LOL

Life in the 80's said...

hahaha. i remember when everyone used to wear loads of watches at one. brilliant. I'll post about that tomorrow!!


Ricardo said...

I didn't see this show but I do recall seeing the Thames logo and musical jingle before a great British cartoon called Danger Mouse and The Benny Hill Show.

Life in the 80's said...

Danger Mouse was the best show ever. Penfold was the best!

Ricardo said...

Pefold ruled and the letter box HQ and flying car were awesome. I wonder if those are on DVD. big part of my childhood. The "custard" episode really sticks out in my mind.

Socialkik said...

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Anonymous said...

Haha Yes I remember this. when i look back on these cartoons they just seem to bring a smile to my face. They were just completely bonkers but brilliant. I definetly come from the dreamy 80's childrens telly. Born 1978 i got the full dose of it and well effected for the rest of my life brilliant :)

Ivga Stark said...

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