Star Wars Toys

I, as every 80s kid did, loved these toys. Everybody had them, and youd build huge bases with your friends and play all day long. Below you will find some of my favourites:

The Speeder Bike was a brilliant little toy. I used to run around with this thing making car noises until I crashed into a wall. Not just once, it happened fairly often. Aside from being a good representation of the vehicle from the film, the Speeder Bike had a button you could press to make the entire thing explode into small pieces. I mean, really small pieces. Once you made the thing explode, chances were good that you werent going to find all the pieces again. I originally had 2, although you could only muster up 1 complete bike from the leftover pieces.

Action Figures were great too. I had Luke (I actually had 5 Lukes, and every single one had the hand bitten off from when I had re-enacted the fight where he loses his hand. I also had storm troopers (white and red) and the Rancor beast thing, among others.

Jabba the Hut and his plinth thing he stood on. You could press a button and it would open up to swallow anything that was nearby. I now remember this in a slightly different way, as the plinth that Leah was tied to half naked. Brrrr. Great!

Vehicles. I had the X-Wing, Y-Wing, B-Wing and Darths vehicle with the fold down wings. My best fried had the Millennium Falcon (Bastard! Always wanted one!) which was absolutely amazing to a 6-year-old kid. He also had a Tie Fighter (Darth Vadars one, obviously. No one had the standard one with flat wings, because when hassling your parents to buy it for you, obviously you were only allowed one, and therefore it had to be Darths.

At-Tat This was my favourite, and to my horror my parents sold it at a boot sale for about 10p. A huge thing with a handle inside to move the head around and fire the lasers. The coolest thing in the whole world. I also had one of the walkers from Return of the Jedi, with a button to make the legs go.

These toys were the greatest. The new ones are complete shite. My disappointment when the new films were released was so great, I still cant put it into words. Oh well, at least I will always have the memories of the original, and the toys that went with it. Happy Days.


michaelsunarto said...

"The new ones are complete shite. My disappointment when the new films were released was so great, I still cant put it into words"

You really dont like starwars ep 1-3???

Anonymous said...

Sorry, ep 1-3 are sewage. I'm happier pretending I don't know Vader was an annoying jock with a persicution complex.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many of these toys I had and wrecked! My mum and dad bought a job-lot from a newspaper free-ad once and there was tons of stuff, all in mint condition, I even had the big AT-AT with all the bits and light up guns. My mate did have the Millennium Falcon though.. God knows what happened to them all!

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