Spirograph isn’t exclusively 80s, as it actually came out in the 60s. However, I remember it from the 80s so here it is!

Basically you had this big plastic circle that you would pin down to a piece of paper. It had grooved tracks on the inside and outside, and loads of other shapes could be rotated around it, drawing all kinds of cool patterns.

You would use different coloured pens, with different shapes and come out with multicoloured blobs of ink that were, I guess, pretty exciting if you were seven or eight or taking a lot of hallucinogens.

I have even found a cool applet version ao you can play with Spirograph on your computer right now! Click Here!

There was always something strangely fascinating about it.

Its the same sort of enjoyment that you used to get when you’d go out with your Mum before school started in September, and kit yourself out with new stuff: rulers, pens, set squares, protractors etc. Used to feel great, or maybe that was just me, who knows.


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