Family Ness

Proper 80s Cartoon!!! Pretty much a UK thing I think - it was done by the same guy who later went on to produce Penny Crayon and Jimbo the Jet Set. Remember those?

The Nessies were great, I can remember it so well, which is surprising, because for the most part my memory is completely shot!

Mr McTout playing the bagpipes, and Ferociousness eating the sound on the intro. Bizarre!

We all know about the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, however in this cartoon, there was whole family of them.

Typical Episode. One day, the two children of the lochs owner, Elspeth and Angus come across a huge mound next to the loch. It turns out that it is one of said mosters, Sillyness, who managed to get his head stuck in a hole. The two children try to pull the stuck Nessy out, and encounter more from the family.

As a reward for helping out, despite the Nessys rule of never having any contact with humans, they are given secret thistle whistles which they can use to call the Nessys any time they wish. And so the adventures begin.Each 5 minute episode is basically based around the same theme.

The Loch Ness monster doesnt exists, but people keep reporting sightings. The Nessys do their best to hide, but still continue to get spotted, usually while helping the children out with some task.

I loved it. And until this post, I had almost forgotten about Jimbo the Jet Set! They truly were happy days!!

below watch the whole first episode of family ness!


Jen said...

Did you ever play that game Oregon Trail or those Summer/Winter Games on Commodore 64?
You should make a post about breakdancing or 'Back to the Future' or the big hair metal bands! Those are some of the biggest memories I have of the 80's!
This site kicks ass! I checked out your previous posts and left a few comments! you've got me thinking of all kinds of stuff from the 80's!
oh and hey...what about how all the girls dressed like Pat Benatar or Madonna and all the guys had the Michael Jackson gloves and leather jackets with all the zippers? Let's not forget parachute pants too!
My personal favorite is when all the guys tried to be like all Miami Vice lookin' like Don Johnson! lmfao!

Life in the 80's said...

Haha. thanks for the memories!! I'll post about breakdancing later today! I remember me and my friends going mental for breakdancing back in the 80s!
Thanks for the link too. Linked you back!

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