Soda Streams & Mr Frosty

Sodastream. Brilliant. Either you had one, or your best mate had one.

Supposedly you were getting lovely home made fizzy drinks. In reality it tasted like flat coke, and the bubbles lasted approximately 8 seconds.

You would run in from playing outside, possibly wearing stone washed jeans, fingerless gloves, a plastic tennis visor and a hypercolour T Shirt, and go about making your soda stream drinks.

They were the 80s equivalent of Bread Maker. They would be used no more than 6 times before being relegated to the back of the cupboard never to be seen again.

They were great. After you sodastream, you would tie the top toggle of your coat round your neck, without putting your arms in the sleeves, and you would go haring around outside truly believing you looked like a superhero.

Hahaha they were truly crap. You can probably still get them.

Another favourite of mine was the Mr Frosty that my little sister had. Some plastic contraption that basically crushed ice. She would sit there with legwarmers on, bicycle shorts under a skirt, and just crush ice continually. For hours. Honestly.

I reckon the working parts of the Mr Frosty machines are recycled and now used in modern American style fridges with Ice Makers.


Gressy said...

The cola tasted crap. About as bad as Panda Cola.

The dare was how many times you could 'gas up' on drink, the first risk being explosion... After surviving that you would drink it in one hit and burp the alphabet.

Sarah said...

i got a mr frosty for my birthday recently as i always remembered claire brown my best mate when i was 6 having one and it was excellent! now they either dont make em like they used to OR they were always that crap and i never realised. its impossible to crush the ice quick enough by the time u've got enough for a drink its melted to water again anyway - rubbish!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - no Sarah, they were always that rubbish!! The one my little sister had wasnt even powerful enough to crush the ice!

Life in the 80's

Anonymous said...

I used to work at the sodastream facory in petrborough, they used to pay really crappy wages so every friday i used to steal 4 sodasteam machines by putting them in my rucksack and go to the eldern pub and sell them for £5 each. i also used to rob new gas cannisters for them and sell them to the people that had bought a sodastream of me

Anonymous said...

haha. Brilliant.

erikisbananaman said...

i have a rare Stainless steel and black ash sodastream Alpha that in the 80's retailed for over £100. it stillworks and is great for making fizzy water and looks good as a retro ornament.

FCG said...

man I'd love it if mine still existed. Email me a photo and I'll include it in the article!

life in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

hey guys,
i remember my grandma having a sodastream, im 16 now almost 17, but when I was younger I remember my grandma and even my parents using sodastream to make drinks, heck! i think they still have it now lol.

Good times :)

Tog said...

Sodastream's still around, and while the huge assortment of flavors aren't precise clones of any of their brand-name counterparts--Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Coke Zero, Fresca, Sprite, A&W, fruit flavors, even Red Bull--the quality seems to have improved from the descriptions above. The diet flavors are Splenda-sweetened, so I don't have to stick with Pepsi One or Diet Zero if I want to avoid Aspartame (and wow, do I ever want to avoid Aspartame).

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