Thundercats. HO!

One of my favorites!
'Sword of Omens' with the 'Eye of Thundera' to give him 'Sight beyond Sight' and that sort of thing. Brilliant. Now I cant remember them all but I think they were: Lion-o, Panthro, Cheetara, WillyKit and WillyKat (these 2 actually freaked me out a little bit) and Snarf (Irritating little shit) Only evil one I can remember was Mumm-Ra.

Toys - I had the 'Thunder Tank', and my next door neighbor had the one everybody had - The Sword of Omens. This had a rubbish light that was supposed to mimic the cartoon and send the symbol into the air (like Batman) to give him Sight beyond Sight. In actual fact it lit up just enough to see.... just......if you turned all the lights off...... and really squinted.

"Panthro - look after Cheetara, Tygra, Wilykat and Wilykitt - I, Lion-O, lord of the Thundercats, and him, Snarf, the twat, are going for a walk to look for that Mumm-Ra bloke and get into another highly predictable battle situation." - "Fire! Fire, Vultureman! Fire before it's too late!"

Oh, yeah, Mumm-Ra. I remember him. Who the hell thought of "Mumm-Ra" as a name? Imagine - "The evil one is coming soon." "By what name is he known?" "Mumm-Ra" "Are you taking the piss?" He does rule though! He rarely leaves his tomb for fear of looking at himself in a mirror. I could never work out why the Thundercats didn't just carry mirrors with them on the off chance that he might attack?

The good thing about Mumm-Ra is that his toy was brilliant. It had a lever on the back to make both his arms move (that's right - both arms, not just one, Lion-O!) and if you poke a battery in his back his eyes glowed red.



Anonymous said...

haha that was they gayest show ever! and that was your favorite!!! u FAG!!!!

Anonymous said...

An eloquent and well articulated comment with excellent spelling and grammer.

Nostalgia Manila said...

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Mar Limberg said...

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading it, as well as Cheers and keep up the good work.

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