Teen Wolf

Now, instead of running away in horror, or attacking his house with torches and pitchforks, when the townsfolk is Scott Howards hometown find out he is a werewolf, they embrace him and he quickly becomes the most popular guy around.

Strange, because in real life the hairiest kid in school would be beaten up and laughed at. He also develops a 10 foot high vertical leap, which must come in quite handy for the 4 foot 3 inch pint sized Michael J Fox.

My favourite bit is when he reveals himself to his dad, and the bathroom door opens to reveal Scotts dad in full wolf mode, looking more like a Care Bear. Hahaha.

The basketball scenes were brilliant too (as if a munchkin like Michael J Fox would ever be allowed near a basket ball team). The film on the whole was your basic coming of age affair, where he pined for the blonde bombshell, while ignoring the obvious love of his best friend Boof

Styles was the coolest character in the film, a party animal with an entrepreneurial streak. The most famous scene in the whole film is where Scott̢۪s eyes glow red, Give me a keg of beer!

The funniest scene is at the school dance when everyone starts doing The Wolf What a bunch of prats.

Somehow, somebody kept a straight face while pitching this to some Hollywood Executive, and the unlikely hit clawed in about $35 million and set Michael J Fox on his way to stardom. I̢۪ll always have fond memories of this great 80s film. The ultimate hollywood feel good film at the end when he is carried aloft, and everyone is cheering him as the hero. Same thing happens to me every day I finish work.

Quickly looking on the Internet to get the dates and stuff for this article, I found out that they actually made a sequel called Teen Wolf Too. No idea at all, never heard of it. It must be really good. hmmmm.

Lets watch the 'Wolf Dance' from teen wolf

and of course, "Give me a keg of beer"


They call me Natalie said...

Fun times!! It brought a phrase that would haunt my school hall ways for a while...""What are you looking at Dicknose", not as good as Weird Science's "You're stewed, BUTTWAD" though.

Jen said...

Styles was the coolest thing in the movie!

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Teen wolf... the most stupid b movie I've ever seen in my whole life, seriously!

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