Ok to fix the friend invite issue, you and anyone you are trying to connect with has to open the ports on the router, and then assign them to the PS3.

once you've both done all this there should'nt be any problem. Here is how to open the ports for the BT home hub. If the other person has a different router, just look up how to open the ports for it on google.

BT Home Hub
Call of Duty: World at War uses these ports :
ports 3478, 3479, 3074, 3075 (UDP)
and ports 80, 443, 3074, 5223 (TCP)

to open these ports.... first you need to log into your Home Hub as Admin :

Go to your PC or laptop. Click Start > Run > then type CMD. then in the new window, type IPCONFIG - then what you're looking for is Default gateway and will look simething like

Then, open your internet browser, and type in the default gateway into the address bar of your browser. This then logs you in to the home hub. (for advanced settings, the log on should be admin and the password default should also be admin unless you have changed it!)

Go to Advanced > Configuration > Application Sharing
Under "Assigned games and applications", there should be a line where you can select an application from a pull-down list and assign it to a connected device.
click on "Create a new game or application".

Enter a name for the application (mine is CODWaW) and select "Manual Entry of Port Maps", then press 'Next'

Select the Protocol for the port you need to open (TCP or UDP), port range, and the port number to translate to, then press 'Add'. so for example the first port you want to open is 3478 UDP. so select UDP and type 3478 into the boxes for port range and port start and end - basically just type the same port number into each one...., then click ADD.

Now do this again for ports 3478, 3479, 3074, 3075 (UDP)

change the protocol to TCP then do the same thing for these ones:

ports 80, 443, 3074, 5223 (TCP)

So, once you've now created the application and opened all the ports, you need to assign this application to the ps3 through your router, so it uses it.

So, go back to Configuration > Application Sharing, and under the "Game or application" heading, select the application you've just added from the pulldown.

Then, under the "Device" heading, select the device to want the application to connect to, in other words, the PS3.

here you can see what things access your router like your ps3, laptop or whatever.

THis is the bit people sometimes get wrong.... you have to map the application you've just made to the device (the PS3) - you should be able to select a drop down of anything that connects to your router like laptop, ps3 etc etc.

If you cant see your ps3 or are not sure which one it is, what I do, is enter it manually by going onto my ps3 and on the xmb go to Settings>NetworkSettings>SettingandConnection Status

then see what IP address you have got for your PS3. Then when you're in your router settings.. map the application to that ip address.

You may need to give your PS3 a static IP address so it uses the same one every time. You can find tutorials for that on google probably.

You also need to make sure who you're trying to connect with has done all this too, then it should all work perfectly!!

If it doesnt, the only other thing i can suggest is putting your ps3 into a DMZ - which basically opens all the ports. you can find out that on google probably!!!

Sorry its so damn complicated - it should really work without having to do all this crap!!

hope you get it working.


Anonymous said...

I love you!!! Yay it works!!! Muhahahahaaaaa!!! MP40 time!!! Joke joke, I'm not a noob

Anonymous said...

no worries Mr Brett. have fun!

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