Adventure Autos Northampton. Steer Clear.

Thinking of going to Adventure Autos in Northampton? Think again. Read mine and other peoples poor reviews of their service:

I would steer well clear of this company called Adventure Autos. Here is my recent experience, 11th Feb 2010: Saw a car on the web from them. Wanted to go to see it, but as it was a 2 hour drive away, called first to discuss price and part ex, to save a wasted journey if they wouldn't discuss price.

So, agreed a price based on part ex for my car, and made appointment to view car following day. Went to view car, they were initally very freindly. I liked the car alot so asked for a test drive. Here is where their demeanour changed.

They said I couldn't drive the car. I explained I had driven a long way to see the car, and made an appointment. Their response? "well you've seen it, aint ya". Hmmm. I thanked them for wasting my time, and the man then called me a tw*t. Great service. Fact is I really like the car, had £10k in my pocket, and was trying my best to actually buy the car.

Called them this morning to try and resolve this issue, as despite being sworn at, I was very keen on the car and still wanted to pursue it. They were very rude, saying they don't offer test drives until a deposit is paid.

A very strange way of trying to sell cars! The car itself on closer inspection was not as advertised - badly repaired dings, respray on rear bumber, and lots of little bits of work. Tried to speak to them to negotiate the price and arrange a test drive. They said none of those things were an MOT failure, and they told me to go and buy a car elsewhere.

Complete cowboys, who as soon as they realised I was not stupid and knew exactly what I was talking about, changed their tune completely. Dont go anywhere near this company, I have lots of experience of smaller showrooms like this, and they are the worst I have ever experienced by far. They are simply cowboys in my opinion.

Wish I'd looked at the other reviews on this company before I'd wasted 4 hour round trip to their "showroom". Look at the other reviews on the internet, and they're all bad. Sad thing is, I still want to buy the car, but despite trying very hard to do so I was unable to.

Steer WELL clear of adventure autos, and be patient and wait for a car elsewhere to come along. Wouldn't trust them to wash my car, let alone sell me one.

other reviews including ones ending up in court, plus similar stories to mine here:


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