The 80s

I loved the 80s. I was brought into this world in 1977, so my first memory was the 80s beginning. As far as I'm concerned it was all brilliant. Transformers, Computer Games (proper Computer Games!) Maninal, A Team, Magnum PI, 20p would go a long way. Flourescent socks (odd, of course), Junior Kick Start, Mask, Cities of Gold and so forth.

This blog is basically a rant, loosly based around my experience during those 10 years we all remember as the 80s, with no obvious flow or direction whatsoever. All of the above topics and many more will be covered, with a new post each day. My plan is just to log on share a memory of the 80s with you each and every day. Anything you would like to see? Email me and let me know. Forward this link to your friends and enjoy. Remember, life in the 80's was skill. Hang on, didnt 'skill' mean a camels arse? Tee hee.

"A man's worth is no greater than his ambitions." Marcus Aurelius


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